Chapter 1: How to create an effective POP advertisement

Header 1) POP is your invincible business partner!

What does POP or “Point of purchase” advertisement mean in everyday English? It
means advertising directly to customers in stores.


Chapter 1: How to create an effective POP advertisement

Header:2) Key to profit lies in goal setting

When you create POP advertisements, are you clear about what you want to achieve
through these ads?

Have you set goals that reflect your customers’ purchasing behaviours?

The difference between POP advertisements that work and those that don’t, lies
between whether you have set clear goals, or not. The goals need to be specific.

When I question business managers “Why do you want to employ POP
advertisements?” often they answer “To increase profit, obviously”.
However, POP advertisements created for the goal of “increasing profits” will not

“Why POP ads?” The answer lies in how you set the goals.

Here are the three crucial elements for goal setting.

  1. Who is this POP for?
  2. How long will you use this POP?
  3. How many customers you are targeting by this POP


1) Who do you want to reach by this POP advertisement?

Let me rephrase this. “To whom do you want to offer this product/service? Who is
your target segment? You need to visualise your potential customers. An example of
this may be “male, 65 year-old or older, prefers a casual style such as wearing jeans
on weekends”, as such. Be specific.

2) How long will you use this POP?

Your POP advertisement should be time-targeted. You may even want to set a time
frame to the unit of seconds (for example, “up to Monday 10:29:59”). Using the same
POP advertisement for a long period of time is No Good! It will appear indolent, and
stale. It will hurt your store image.

3) How many customers are you targeting?

By setting measurable goals, you will be clearer in what you are trying to achieve
with your POP advertisement. If the product is a particular food, think about how
many customers will be pleased by this kind of food.


We hope these guidelines help you understand goal setting better.
Always, think of your customers first. You are creating POP advertisement in order
to “offer solutions to your customers”, “realise the dreams of the customers” etc.
Always put your customers first, and this will lead to higher profits.


Chapter 2: How to create POP advisement – practical tools

Header: 5) Drawing ‘graphics’ not ‘letters’

The key to drawing an appealing POP advertisement is to transition from the mindset
of “writing letters” to “drawing graphics”. – You are not ‘writing’, but ‘drawing’.
Draw the letters as if you are drawing graphic shapes.

Sub header: POP ads letters are not letters! They are graphics!

“Do we have to use those distinctive letters to write POP advertisement? Can we not
write it like we always do?”
The answer to this often-asked question is, “Yes, you may… but.” I will explain
about the ‘but’ part later. For the meantime, just put the POP ads that you have handy
on your shop window. That is the beginning. POP advertisement is a tool to
communicate with customers. Without communication, you will end up losing more

Now, if you want to upgrade your POP ads, I recommend you learn how to draw POP
Have you noticed? Here I use the word “draw”, instead of “write”. The difference is
“write = letters” and “draw=graphics”. To create successful POP advertisement, you
have to change your mindset form “write” to “draw”.

Let me explain further about the difference between “drawing” and “writing”. Did
you know that “letters” are governed by your left side of your brain, and “graphics”
by your right side? Now; customers take buying action by accumulating information
in their right brain. For that reason, appealing to the right brain will raise the
probability of purchasing, because it is more direct than going through the left brain.

It is important to “draw” POP ads, not “write”. Take a look at the samples in this
section and try to imitate them. The key point is how you finish each letters. Do not
“brush off” as if you are writing calligraphy. Draw as if you are drawing graphics.
It’s not so difficult. You should be able to attain this technique in a short period of

Draw as if you are drawing circles, triangles, and squares. This is the essence of
creating successful POP advertisement.


Header: Chapter 3 How to develop successful POP advertisement

Sub header: 2) Check your POP advertisement on a daily basis

Are you using any POP ads in your shop? Hope the answer is “yes”. Probably what
you are using are price cards, sales POP ads, and some sticking banners on the wall.

Do you remember since when you have those POP ads? The maintenance of these
POP ads is crucial. The impression of your shop will be determined by the state of
your POP ads. POP ads are as important as your everyday grooming.

(The three NO GOODs on your shop entrance)


1) Dirtiness

Customers see more than you think. POP advertisements that are located near the
shop entrance are exposed to the outside dirt. Be attentive to your POP ads when you
clean the entrance.

2) Peeling

We often see peeled POP advertisements, flaking POP ads, etc… Make sure that all
POP ads are well stuck and the gluing material can endure the wind and rain. Don’t
neglect them!

3) Tearing

Horrible!! Your guardian angel will run away if he sees torn POP ads! Just take off
any torn POP ads immediately. Think about it. If you have fresh scars on your face,
will your customers not worry and fear? They may think there is something violent,
or criminal about you. Torn POP ads bring similar reactions to your customers. It
will cause distrust. Remove them before it is too late.




1) Laminate your POP ads

This is effective especially for those POP ads with have long time frame. Laminate it
(cover with a thin sheet of non-fabric material). All you have to do is to wipe the dust off
in order to keep them clean.

2) Clean the bonded surface before setting it up on the wall.


3) Stick POP advertisement from interior showing the wordings towards outside.
It will be more protected this way. There are seaming tapes made for this purpose.


Think about it. Your POP ads are communicating to your customers all the time
without complaining!! TLC (tender, love, and care) that’s what your POP ads


Make it your morning habit to stand outside the entrance at look at your shop


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